Costa Rica

Incentive Travel

At Best of Costa Rica, our intention is not to be a mere service provider. We strive to design and execute unique, memorable, authentic and original experiences for all who choose to share adventures with us.

Each incentive program is a new challenge, which helps us show our love for Costa Rica. We make every trip request received our own, investing all our passion and creativity.

For this reason, we enjoy creating tailor-made programs that are aligned with communicated objectives and purposes, adjusted to requested specifications and indicated interests, and adding our stamp of originality and quality.

We work to guarantee the best travel experiences and we take great care in all our relationships, which makes all the difference. We are serious about our high level of responsibility and ensure impeccable compliance with all legal provisions, the possession of a solid liability policy, careful permanent selection of personnel to ensure our high standards of service and products, and our 100% commitment to Costa Rica as a sustainable tourism destination.

Recipient of the CIS certification issued by SITE

Member of the group of companies against sexual exploitation of minors in Costa Rica

Recipient of the Sustainable Tourism Certificate (covering environmental, social, cultural and economic aspects)

Company with Tourism Declaration (accreditation granted by the ICT – Costa Rican Tourism Board)

Affiliated with the National Chamber of Tourism

Licensed to use the country brand (Essential Costa Rica)

Member of tourism promotion associations (ProImagen, Futuropa)

Complete new challenges — our reason for being

Why travel with Best of Costa Rica DMC

Our experience in the design, management and operation of incentives allows us to advise you on the choices for your trip, covering the simplest and the most sensitive details.

Travel – the best incentive plan

An incentive trip is one of the best possible rewards for any collaborator, leaving an indelible memory that drives productivity and business objectives.

Costa Rica – natural destination

Incredible geographical location, pleasant tropical climate, the greatest biodiversity on the planet … Costa Rica is a natural paradise within the reach of every traveler.

Costa Rica – friendly destination

Costa Ricans’ hospitality along with their commitment to peace, their abundant nature and very diverse offer of high-quality services, are combined in a unique way to provide an unparalleled experience.