The best incentive plan for employees and customers

Incentive travel programs are an outstanding motivational tool you can use to improve your employees productivity and to achieve your business goals

Incentive travel programs are an outstanding motivational tool you can use to improve your employees’ productivity and to achieve your business goals. Travel is undoubtedly one of the best ways to motivate your staff. Incentive trips generate positive expectations, keep employees focused for a longer period than monetary bonuses, and create a mental target to work toward.

Incentive travel programs generate a powerful identification between employees and their employers, give personnel the opportunity to form well-attuned work teams within a company or department, and foster lasting relationships that improve the work environment. Participants have an opportunity to enjoy unique and unforgettable experiences, raise their self-esteem, and generate loyalty during incentive travel.

Incentive Research Foundation – IRF

“Anatomy of an Incentive Travel Program”

Costa Rica

There are many reasons why experts in the tourism market MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events) have chosen Costa Rica as a preferred destination for conducting meetings and incentive travel. Costa Rica’s pleasant tropical climate offers distinct seasons and rich geography that generate a high biodiversity. The country’s strategic geographic location, firm commitment to sustainability, and high levels of development make Costa Rica a highly-attractive destination suitable for the MICE market.

The quality of hospitality infrastructure, wide range of tourist activities, and professional level of human resources ensure superior service with expertise and friendly warmth. The country also offers an extensive internet network, advanced cell phone systems and cutting-edge technology. There is a special incentive for U.S. event organizers who can enjoy tax benefits under section 274 (h) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States (IRS) that allows the deduction of expenses for conventions, seminars and congresses in Costa Rica.